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Alaska Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:  EX001 

A warmer option for those cold charter evenings. Based on a ¾ sleeve shirt design this is one of our more casual options but still maintaining the elegance that exists through the whole Exclusive Collection.

Georgia Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:  EX002

 Another Favorite for our staff the Georgia. With beautiful flattering lines this dress was show cased at the Monaco yacht show and received amazing feedback from clients and superyacht owners alike….We have also supplied this dress in all black and although not quite as effective still classicly beautiful.

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Dotty Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:  EX003

Dotty A beautiful Classic with pocket and buttons down one side this is already a firm favorite amongst the Deckers Staff


City Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX004 

City Dress – By far one of our most popular Designs….. We have had this dress requested in navy, silver and grey….. one boat owner liked the silver so much that the Chief stew had to ask the boat next door where they got their stunning dresses from.

Deckers Exclusive Dress

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Audrey Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX005 

Audrey – Named after the classicly elegant Audrey Hepburn this dress embodies both elegance and class. One of our more popular designs the Deckers Staff can often be sporting this dress in both black and white at the Monaco Yacht Show…


Florence  Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX006 

Florence Playsuit – and now for something entirely different  With asymmetric hemline and shorts underneath this playsuit is stylish yet still practical. As mentioned previously all items can be made with or without sleeves for a different look.

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East Coast Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX007

East Coast – One at the top end of the smart scale the East coast dress can be made with or without epaulettes on the shoulders. With a gold rim around the neckline and an extremely flattering shape this dress has been very popular for the past 3 years and will continue to be part of the collection for many years to come.

Monaco Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX008

Our most popular dress by far. This was our very first dress made in the exclusive range and has stood the test of time. With Classic elegance and practicality at the forefront this dress has been ordered by many clients years after year. Choose with capped sleeves, normal sleeves or sleeveless….

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Monaco Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX009

Monaco with detail – if youre looking for something a little different our Monaco dress can be made with waist detailing in a different colour. Call us for more information on the colours available


Luna Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX0010

Luna – our revamped luna dress with Mandarin collar is a firm favorite with those clients looking for a mandarin twist…. Especially Gorgeous in red

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New York Exclusive Dress

REF:   EX0011

New Yorker – Stand out from the crowd with our new Yorker dress with an unusual cut out neck line and a flattering shape. All sleeve and colour options available. 



Paris Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:    EX0012

Paris – the city of love…. Encompassed in this beautifully simple elegant V neck Dress with high waist stiching to enhance the look.

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Penelope  Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:    EX0013

Penelope – Named after the energetic Penelope pitstop this dress is practical and yet stylish…. It looks particularly beautiful in our silver grey… All feedback received has this dress labelled as one extremely comfortable for those long energetic charters.


Rio Deckers Exclusive Dress

REF:    EX0014

Rio – Based on a polo theme this polo dress with a difference has a beautiful flared skirt in order to stand out from the other polo dresses on the market. As with all our dresses it can be made sleeveless or without sleeves. You choose…..

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